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Older Really Is Wiser

Late-night TV advertisements often paint a picture of older adults as terminally bewildered. The advertisements depict seniors trying to make sense of their health care options, insurance plans, retirements accounts, etc. - and failing miserably. These TV seniors are invariably … Continue reading

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Sticks and stones may break our bones, but some words make us materialistic!

Simply referring to people as “consumers” rather than “individuals” caused people to be less generous, accept less responsibility, and to view others as competitors rather than allies. Continue reading

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Preliminary finding: Stark contrast in “thriving” between experiential and material buyers

Numerous studies have suggested that experiential purchases result in greater and more long-term happiness than material purchases. But what about the overall well-being of the types of people who typically spend materially or experientially? Gallup uses Cantril’s Self-Anchoring Scale to … Continue reading

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Keeping up with Joneses easier during recession, for the rich

A recent study in the Journal of Consumer Research investigates the spending behaviors of wealthy households during periods of recession. Authors Wagner A. Kamakura (Duke University) and Rex Yuxing Du (University of Houston) write that “even when their consumption budget … Continue reading

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