Featured Studies
Importance of Happiness Survey:
How much will you sacrifice for more happiness?
36 questions
The Big Five personality test:
How do you score on the five fundamental dimensions of personality?
29 questions
A 2-week Gratitude Intervention:
Can recalling grateful events increase your happiness? Note: only people who register with FB can take this study
About 5 minutes nightly for two weeks
Recent Media Mentions
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August 6 2014
"How To Train Your Brain To Make Smarter (And Happier) Money Moves"
July 30 2014
"Interview with Ryan Howell and Ravi Iyer on Consumerism and Happiness for Mint"
July 29 2014
"Materialistic People Are Less Happy Than Everyone Else: Science"
May 27 2014
"How to financially invest in happiness"
April 24 2014
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