Interested in using BtP as an educational tool in your classroom?

Beyond the Purchase allows students to take a variety of peer-reviewed surveys focusing on personality, values, spending habits, and well-being. After students complete any survey, BtP provides detailed background information on these scales as well as personalized feedback. Once a survey is completed, students can view their results as compared to others that have taken the survey. These features make BtP a practical and enjoyable tool when teaching about psychology, happiness, or statistics.

To help you use BtP in your classroom, we’ve created a few handouts detailing how to use BtP as well as providing background information for some of our most popular surveys! All handouts have been provided in PDF format, and can easily be downloaded and handed out to your students, or uploaded to your class’s online forum. For example:

Are you lecturing on the Big Five personality traits? When you download this PDF (Learning about the Big Five personality traits using Beyond the Purchase) you will find a handout that we have created that provides a brief description of the Big Five personality traits, guides your students through our registration process, and instructs them on how to learn about their Big Five personality traits using Beyond the Purchase.

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