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•, June 27, 2013. "Americans are free to chase happiness, but too few actually achieve it. The answer is in knowing how—and where to look" (Read)
• The Sacramento Bee, June 9, 2013. "Personal Finance: How money buys happiness. It's an age-old question: Can money truly buy us happiness?" (Read)
•, February 21, 2013. " Reports the Top 5 Reasons Spending Less Will Make you Happier"(Read)
• Fox Business, January 17, 2013. "When You Can (and Can't) Buy Happiness"(Read)
• The Sacramento Bee, January 4, 2013. " Finds that Perception of Time Affects Financial Behavior."(Read)
• Seattle Pi, October 5, 2012. "The Experience of Awe: Purchasing Can Produce Emotional Benefits."(Read)
• News Channel 10, August 23, 2012. "Inexpensive Purchases May Produce More Happiness Than Expensive Ones."(Read)
•, July 19, 2012. "Which Experience Is Best For You? Enjoyment of Experiences Is Influenced By Life Priorities and Values."(Read)
• KLAS-TV Las Vegas, May 21, 2012. "What Do People Want from Their Communities? After Basic Needs, People Want Friends Nearby."(Read)
• Yahoo News, April 18, 2012. "Can Money Buy Happiness After All? New Research Website Confirms Recent Scientific Findings: Experiential Buyers of All Kinds are Happier."(Read)
• The San Francisco Chronicle, April 18, 2012. "Can Money Buy Happiness After All? New Research Website Confirms Recent Scientific Findings: Experiential Buyers of All Kinds are Happier."(Read)
• The New York Times, April 4, 2012. "I Buy, Therefore I Am (Unless I Return It)."(Read)
• The MinnPost, February 7, 2012. "Why 'Experience' Shoppers are Happier"(Read)
• Mail Online, January 27, 2012. "Rise of the 'Experience' Shopper: Happiness is What You Do, Not What You Buy"(Read)
• Science Daily, January 26, 2012. "Are You a Happy Shopper? Research Website Help You Find Out"(Read)
• Psych Central, January 27, 2012. "Buying New Experiences, Not Things, Tied to Happiness"(Read)

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Featured Studies
Hedonism Value Scale:
How much are you willing to sacrifice for pleasure?
26 questions
The Value of Money Scale:
How much do you think money will make you happy?
14 questions
Experiential Buying Scale:
Some people are gadget heads and some are foodies. Which do you spend your money on?
9 questions
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